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Toronto rooms for rent form

HAI Toronto Rooms for Rent:

What you can expect when you reserve your Toronto room for rent accommodations with HAI

Premium Accommodations Start at $ 700 | $750 | $800
Toronto room for rent Toronto room for rent
Toronto room for rent Toronto room for rent
Toronto room for rent Toronto room for rent
Premiums are nicely furnished and well worth the price!

Standard Accommodations Start at $550 | $600 | $650
room rental Toronto room rental Toronto
room rental Toronto room rental Toronto
Standards are an excellent value for a smaller budget

BUNAC Toronto Rooms for Rent Customers

Need a Furnished Room for Rent in Toronto?

Sure you do, everyone needs a cozy place to call home!

With over 5.5 million people living in the city area, there are a lot of rooms for rent in Toronto. You will find them within houses, apartment flats or condos.

And with all of those places to choose from, finding a safe, clean, affordable Toronto room for rent that you feel comfortable with, can be a serious undertaking...especially if you are new to the city!

BUNAC Toronto Residences

Bunac toronto

BUNAC Toronto Residences cater specifically to providing beautiful uran neighborhood accommodations in Canada for young professionals, international travelers and esl students who require furnished rooms for rent in the Toronto area.

Students who prefer the independence of living away from home but still enjoy good company and responsible housemates, tend to enjoy our standard BUNAC Toronto room rental accommodation package.

Professionals requiring a quiet and spacious place to focus, and can afford a higher end room rental in Toronto really find our premium BUNAC accommodations to meet their needs.

If you have found it difficult to locate suitable furnished rooms for rent in Toronto, or are planning your move to the city from abroad and have concerns about working with a reputable housing company, you are not alone!

Homes Abroad has been helping people find the right accommodatoins for several years now, and we've got it down to a fine science.

Not only have we developed a keen eye for avoiding undesireable locations and property management, we've established an easy, hassle free system that makes your next move into a BUNAC Toronto Residence as quick and painless as possible.

An HAI BUNAC Toronto Room for Rent is All Inclusive, Fully Furnished and Move-In Ready!

We understand that our customers coming out of University or to Canada on working holiday visas do not have furniture that they are attached to...nor do they particularly want to go out and buy new things yet as they are beginning their careers and many details in life can still be up in the air.

That's why all of our BUNAC properties are fully furnished from top to bottom. The common areas (living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms) are nicely stocked with the essentials.

The all important bedroom is where you will be smiling to come back to each evening. They have a warm feel to them, and are move-in ready with a clean set of sheets and bedding just in case you don't have your own.

There's no need to buy any pots and pans, silverware or dishes, because it's all there for you at your convenience when you move in.

The living rooms and outdoor living space at any of our BUNAC Toronto Residences has ample and comfortable seating and each house, condo or apartment comes with a healthy sized television set and entertainment area so you can sit around and enjoy good times with your housemates.

At all of our BUNAC Toronto Residences, you will not have to worry about dividing up the electricity, gas, water, cable and internet bills each month either, because we've included them in our room rental prices for your added convenience.

There's nothing like trying to split the utility bills each month and determine who used certain things more than the next person. We know from experience that this only creates unnecessary tension amongst new friends!

For this reason, HAI takes the hassle out of the picture and makes everything simple and as stress free as possible.

Clean, Convenient and an Affordable Value

Whether you end up staying at one our very own properties or an HAI community property, you can be certain that the facilities are clean and appropriately priced.

Most of HAI's rooms for rent in Toronto are within 10-15 minutes from downtown subway lines, and only steps to access the TTC system.

So no matter where you need to get to, it should be no more than a 30 minute commute from door to door...and that's great for such a big city!

Our all inclusive Toronto rooms for rent start at $550 for the most basic space with a single bed, to our premium bedrooms that are quite spacious with double or queen sized beds for $700 and up.

Single units start at $850 and go up to $1200 for a 1 bedroom bachelor apartment, and $1400 for a 2 bedroom private unit. We have several price points in between those as well, based on size and location.

Call us anytime at 416-427-1766 for details and current availability on any of our BUNAC Toronto rooms for rent. You may also send us an email with your specific questions or just fill out our online BUNAC Toronto room for rent request form to speed up the process.

We'll respond in a timely fashion with updated information so that you can get situated and reserve your cozy BUNAC Toronto room rental as soon as possible.

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